Eugene Giannini is a two-time national champion in rowing, a former NYAC athletic director and a 1982 Hall of Fame inductee.

Giannini joined the NYAC in 1888 as one of the country's best athletes. In addition to being a gymnast, weight thrower and a swimmer, he was also an excellent rower. Giannini was a member of the famous "chippie" crew: the eight-oared shell crew that won the 1891 and 1892 national championships. 

In 1893, Giannini became the Club’s athletic director. During his tenure, he saw the NYAC’s athletic program reach new heights. He oversaw the 1895 dual meet against the London Athletic Club, in which the NYAC established itself as one of the world’s elite athletic clubs.

After leaving the NYAC, Giannini coached the rowing teams of Yale University and Columbia University.

Ginanni died in 1923 at the age of 57.