Joseph J. Lordi is a former NYAC president, a national champion in squash and squash tennis, and a 1982 Hall of Fame inductee.

Lordi attended the University of Notre Dame on an athletic scholarship. He played catcher for the Notre Dame baseball team and later served as team captain. After graduating from Notre Dame, Lordi played for the NYAC baseball team.

Lordi was elected as an athletic member of the NYAC in 1930. Throughout the late 1930s and early 40s, Lordi was one of the best squash players in the country. He was the 1940 national squash champion and the 1941 national squash tennis champion.

During World War II, Lordi served in the Navy and afterward became a successful businessman. In 1959, Lordi became president of the New York Athletic Club and served until 1961.

Joseph Lordi died suddenly of a heart attack on February 5th, 1963. For his service to the NYAC, the Club named the squash courts in his honor.