Bartow S. Weeks is a former NYAC president, a former president of the AAU, a justice on the Supreme Court of the State of New York and a 1983 NYAC Hall of Fame inductee.  

Bartow S. Weeks was born on April 25th, 1861. Weeks attended the Columbia University School of Law, and practiced at several firms in New York. He was a prominent member of Tammany Hall and was active in New York politics for most of his life.  

Bartow Weeks was elected president of the NYAC in 1892, and again in 1894. He also served as the president of the AAU, and worked closely with James E. Sullivan, one of its founders. His presence in both organizations made Weeks one of the most influential advocates of amateur athletics.  

Outside of the Club, Weeks is most famous for his involvement in the 1899-1900 trial for the murder of Katherine Adams. Weeks made headlines as the defense attorney for Roland Molineux, accused of poisoning Adams and attempting to kill Harry Cornish, Athletic Director of the Knickerbocker Athletic Club. Recognized as the first “trial of the century”, Weeks became famous for his successful defense of Molineux despite a trove of evidence against him. The story is the subject of Harold Schechter’s book The Devil’s Gentleman, published in 2007, and details the rivalry between the nascent NYAC and the Knickerbocker Athletic Club.  

Justice Weeks was confirmed to the Supreme Court of the State of New York in 1913. He served until his death in February of 1922. He was 61 years old.