Joseph P. Ingrassia is a former NYAC president, a two time national champion in handball and a 1987 Hall of Fame inductee.  

Ingrassia joined the NYAC in 1949. Throughout the 1950s, he was one of the best handball players in the country. In addition to a semi final appearance in 1950 and a second place finish in 1953, Ingrassia won the AAU National 4-wall doubles championship in 1954 and 1957. For his success on the court, he was inducted into the New York Handball Hall of Fame.  

In 1979, as a long time member of the Club, Ingrassia was elected as NYAC president. In addition to the many rigors of being NYAC president, Ingrassia decided to tackle a daunting project.  

Prior to his presidency, the NYAC displayed many of its medals and trophies in the Trophy Room, located on the second floor. Regrettably, the room did not accurately reflect the incomparable athletic history of the Club. Ingrassia, therefore, took the initiative and suggested that the NYAC honor its history appropriately with a hall of fame.  

Doing so was much easier said than done. Ingrassia appealed to members for donations so as not to impose too great a financial strain on the Club. In the end, he raised $250,000 for the project, enough to offset all costs.  

On November 14th, 1981, the Club opened the doors to its Hall of Fame. The event honored the 1982 class of inductees, which includes, among others, the NYAC founding fathers and Olympic legend Al Oerter.  

Today, the Hall of Fame stands as a testament to the NYAC’s steadfast commitment to excellence, a commitment that has lasted almost 150 years. All would have been for not without the hard work and selflessness of Joseph Ingrassia. Without his generosity and passion for the NYAC, the Hall of Fame would not exist today.