Douglas M. Blubaugh is an Olympic Champion in Wrestling (1960, Rome) and a 1986 NYAC Hall of Fame Inductee.  

Blubaugh was born December 31st, 1934 in Ponca City Oklahoma. Blubaugh first showcased his potential at Ponca City High School, where he won two state championships. Blubaugh went on to compete at Oklahoma State University where he was a three time NCAA All-American (1955-1957) and 157-pound NCAA champion in 1957.  

Even after Blubaugh’s collegiate career ended, he continued to compete in freestyle wrestling, winning two AAU freestyle titles and the Pan-American championship in 1959.  

Despite Blubaugh’s sustained success on the national stage, he was not considered a medal contender in Rome. His path to gold ran through the unbeatable Iranian, Emam Ali Habibi. Wrestling was the most popular sport in Iran so, naturally, Habibi was a celebrity and the pride of the country. Most people expected Habibi to pin Blubaugh within a few minutes. In a shocking upset, it was Blubaugh who pinned Habibi, silencing the stunned crowd. He seemed to have shocked his opponents, too, for Blubaugh blew threw the rest of the field with ease. His remarkable performance at the 1960 Olympic Games is remembered as one of the greatest in the history of American wrestling. In addition to his gold medal, Blubaugh was named the  World’s Most Outstanding Wrestler in 1960.  

After retiring from wrestling, Blubaugh became the head coach at Indiana University.   Blubaugh died tragically in a car accident on May 16th, 2011.